Inside The Merle Chihuahua

Pictures, Health Information, The ABC's Of Responsible Merle Breeding!


This site is dedicated to the facts and myths surrounding the beautiful and misunderstood (and unfortunately often maligned without cause) merle Chihuahua and also to serving as a resource for important information regarding the responsible breeding of these beautiful little dogs.  As with any color or pattern it is my hope that anyone who chooses to include merle in their quality breeding program does their homework and makes informed breeding choices.  It is my hope that this site can serve as a resource for those informed decisions.


There is much misinformation and baseless negativity to be found "out there" about the merle Chihuahua, and unfortunately it doesn't have to be true to be found on the internet.  I prefer to base my decisions on facts, not hearsay, and that is why I have decided to set forth those facts here, so that others interested in basing their decisions on facts and truth can find them.  Preserving the history and protecting the future of this wonderful breed is important, so please do your homework, and if someone claims something negative about merle Chihuahuas ask them for the evidence (test results, historical data, genetic expert statements) to back up their claims. Ask for proof and  you won't get it, because it simply does not exist.

I will continue to add more information regarding the "ABC's" of responsibly breeding the merle gene in Chihuahuas and other important information for those looking to include the merle pattern as part of an overall responsible breeding program or who are interested in adding one of these beautiful little dogs to their family.



Don't blindly buy into the anti merle hype ... learn the facts for yourself and THEN make up your mind!



YES merle CAN be bred responsibly and YES a merle Chihuahua is a REAL Chihuahua!

ATTENTION MERLE OWNERS/BREEDERS: If you have pictures of well bred Merle Chihuahuas that you would like to include in the Photo Albums please Contact Me using the Contact form or email me at [email protected]