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After numerous attempts in 2008, the anti-merle sector was told no more votes would be taken on the subject at that time.

As of this date, merle Chihuahuas CAN be fully registered with AKC and CAN be shown in AKC conformation events.

Unfortunately, we know that this is not the end of the fight to protect these beautiful dogs.  It is VERY important that those of us who desire to protect the colorful history of the breed, which has always included ANY color - solid, marked or SPLASHED, remain diligent to future attacks on the breed standard based on nothing  but hype and hysteria.  

The FACTS prove the merle Chihuahua IS every bit a REAL Chihuahua, and indeed can be just as beautiful and healthy as ANY color or pattern of Chihuahua if bred correctly - as ANY color or pattern should be!

There are sadly numerous irresponsible and poor quality breeders who may or may not breed the merle gene, and these breeders reproduce poor quality and/or knowingly reproduce health issues and engage in unethical high risk poor quality breeding practices.  THIS should  be the focus of those who truly care to protect this breed and the future of the fancy.

RESPONSIBLE BREEDING should be what we focus on as a fancy  - NOT the color or pattern of the dog!